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February 16, 2010

  • Get A Handle On Protection, Pt.1
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    Are you confused about what's safe and what's not safe when it comes to using your debit and credit cards. It seems like every time you open up a newspaper or online news journal, you hear about another scam. Credit card and identity theft have now become a global concern. Americans have discovered their personal information and bank and card account information has been accessed by a criminal on the other side of the globe. Because of the growing costs and damages resulting from credit card theft and identity theft, Visa offers several suggestions on how you can protect yourself.

    When shopping online, choose trusted and reputable retailers. Be vigilant about who you choose. Don't trust your debit or credit card information to just any site. Check the better business bureau, request a product catalog by mail, and call the customer service department for additional information. Search for third party seals. Leading internet security companies have developed three types of seals to help consumers feel more confident about the safety of their credit card information; Security Seals, Privacy Seals, and Business Identity Seals.

    Security Seals are the most familiar to consumers and are typically offered by internet security companies such as McAfee and Norton. There are two types of security seals; Server Verification and Site Verification and pertain to the safety of credit card and personal information. Server Verification performs regular scans to fight off attacks and other vulnerabilities. Site Verification verifies the existing website securities where consumers are protected under normal circumstances.

    Privacy Seals provide protection by making sure web sites handle the visitor's credit card and personal information safely and with care. These seals are offered by web sites like TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau.

    Business Identity Seals verify the authenticity of the business in regard to its address, phone number, and email address. These seals are offered by companies like the Better Business Bureau, Validated Site, and Trust Guard.

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