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June 06, 2011

  • Don't Be Robbed Of Your Summer Fun, Pt.2
       Cover all your bases.


    4. Debit and credit card thieves not only monitor mail, they observe other activities that could indicate individuals are out of town. A stack of newspapers tossed in the yard or piled on the driveway is always a dead giveaway that the residents are out of town. If you receive the daily newspaper, have the neighbor or trustworthy friend pick up the paper daily. You can also ask your news carrier if it will suspend paper delivery during your absence. Complete darkness is always a green light for debit and credit card thieves. Once again, either ask your trustworthy neighbor or friend to pop into your home from time to time to turn on lights that would give the appearance someone is home. You can also purchase an inexpensive light timer that would turn the lights on and off at various times. An empty driveway can also be an opening for a debit or credit card thief. It works well if you leave a car parked in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park one of their vehicles in your driveway when available.

    5. The lowest airfare or hotel accommodations are not always the best deal. Before submitting debit or credit card information for payment, thoroughly review all the purchase terms and conditions. Check to see what fees are or are not included in the purchase price. Excessive fees that you may not have planned for could end up robbing you of available spending cash. Your awareness could also prevent future excess credit card charges such as checked baggage fees.

    6. Don't advertise to the general public that you'll be traveling out of town. Be particularly cautious with statements written on such social networking sites as Facebook. Debit and credit card thieves are also members of social networking sites for the specific purpose of seeking out their next victim.

    Continue on to part 3 for more tips on protecting your summer fun..

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