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FAQ: Online Credit Applications

Everything you need to know about applying online for a credit card, as well as answers to questions you may have about the security of your personal information.


1.) How do I go about applying for a credit card on this site?

First, select the credit card offer you would like to apply for on this website. By clicking the apply now button next to the offer, you will be taken to the secure SSL application for that card.

2.) What information will I need to submit for the application(s)?

You will need to submit such basic information as your birth date and address. You will also be asked for your drivers license and social security numbers.

3.) When will I know if I was approved for a card?

Basically put, it depends on the offer. Some results will be instantaneous, especially if you have above-average credit. Other decisions may take several weeks. Either way, you will be notified via mail and/or e-mail of the decision.

4.) I am leery of transmitting personal information over the web. What measures are being taken to ensure my security?

All credit card applications offered on this site and/or linked from it feature the most secure level of data encryption and SSL Security against unauthorized data access.

5.) May I take advantage of more than one offer on the site?

You are able to apply for as many cards as you wish, and it is true that most people do carry more than one line of credit. It is the decision of the individual credit merchants whether or not to issue credit, however, and bearing multiple cards may increase your chance of being declined for further credit, especially if your debt-to-income ratio is disproportionately high.

6.) Is it the case that I must open a checking account with a bank from which I wish to receive a credit card?

No, it is not.

7.) Who may I contact in case of further questions?

In case of further questions, or to request more information about our general policies, please visit the Customer Service area of this site.

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