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June 02, 2011

  • News:  Credit Card Fraud; How Do They Do It? 109

    In convicted credit card thief in Canada be spending six months in jail for impersonating an officer and defrauding victims across the world including Australia, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates. Kamyar Jahanrakhshan pretended to be a police officer as he approached one of the banks and credit card companies who he defrauded out of $7,900 for a vacation trip. He was convicted of nine criminal counts including personating an officer, willfully attempting to obstruct justice, possessing and using a forged credit card. Supreme Court Madam Justice Nancy Morrison sentenced Jahanrakhshan to six months in prison, and three years' probation in addition to restitution in the amount of $7,900 to WestJet. In an unrelated case, Jahanrakhshan faces 90 additional counts of card fraud.

    In Edmond, Oklahoma, a pick-pocket is on the loose. According to the Edmond Police Department, a man stole a credit card from a pastor and racked up over $1,000 in fraudulent transactions. While the pastor was loading his purchase into his car, a man approached him and pick-pocketed the church credit card out of his pocket. The pastor did not realize what the man had done until the card company called a few weeks later to tell him that about some suspicious transactions. After the thief used the card for three transactions at three separate merchants, the card was denied at the Wal-mart. When the pastor learned of the illegal transactions, he canceled the card.

    A Pearl River, Louisiana alleged credit card thief that has been on the loose for over 13 years has been taken down because of a dog. Stacy Carter was arrested after a complaint was filed that she left a dog in a hot vehicle. When the police officer arrived at the scene, Carter came out of a store and claimed the dog and vehicle. During the investigation, the officer discovered a 13 year old warrant for 90 incidents of card fraud on Carter. The charges stem from her employment at a gas station where she had been stealing customer's card information and using it to enter manual charges while she pocketed the cash. She has been charged with 45 counts of unauthorized use of and access of cards and 45 counts of forgery.

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