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June 08, 2011

  • News:  Ceres Gives Merchants More Choices 

    Ceres National, a direct provider of personalized electronic payment processing equipment and services, which includes debit card, credit card, checks and gift card transactions now offers merchants services. The company boasts is cutting-edge products will enhance merchants' payment processing security and allow them to provide their customers with the most popular payment methods. With Ceres debit and credit card processing services, merchants are also offered a full range of services that can help the merchant maximize revenue. Ceres stands behind its products and services by remaining current and maintaining Payment Card Industry compliance to ensure that all the data involved in debit card, credit card, and other electronic payment transactions remain secure.

    Although new to merchant services, their team consists of over 20 years in the debit and credit card payment processing industry. The company also provides gift card, ATM and check verification services as well as offers a line of the latest technology in electronic payment processing equipment. In addition to its point-of-sale whereby customers present a physical debit or credit card, Ceres also provides online payment processing services. An added benefit offered by the company is its FirstView service which provides customers quick access to cash through its Cash Advance service. FirstView allows customers to easily access money without the burden of a long loan application process.

    Mike Schwind, National Sales Manager for Ceres National said that the company is focusing on small to medium sized businesses to meet all their needs and fill the gaps. They offer small to medium sized businesses a variety of choices to meet their electronic payment processing needs beginning with debit and credit card transactions. Their goal is to "save them money" with increased "efficiency and security" within the electronic payment process. Ceres sees increased growth potential in the electronic payment environment and expects to expand on its sales and support staff in the near future. Their recruitment and training activities are ongoing. Ceres is based out of Carrollton, Texas.

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