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June 15, 2011

  • News:  Desjardines Rolls Out End-to-end 

    Ingenico and Desjardins has joined together to design new end-to-end encryption solution that is aimed at reducing the risk of debit and credit card data exposure to fraudsters. The Canadian retailer Metro, Inc. will be the first retailer to use the new program in their debit and credit card payment processing system. The solution meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and functions at the point-of-sale terminals. Ingenico manufactures the terminals that will operate in conjunction with Desjardins' solution that is expected to reduce credit card data risk of fraud and costs while offering the retailer a cost efficient PCI DSS compliant system. The new security platform encrypts the card data as the card is read at the terminal and protects its anonymity throughout the process.

    In a statement, Jacques Couture, Vice-President, Information Systems of Metro, Inc. said that the retailer is "thrilled" to be working with such a "first rate" company as Desjardins to assist them in protecting their customers' debit and credit card data. Couture also noted that the company was proud to be the first to implement this cutting edge end-to-end encryption technology to give its customers the added confidence that their debit and credit card data is secure. Metro is one of Canada's largest retailers employing over 65,000 employees. The company offers a variety of products and services including food and pharmaceuticals throughout Québec and Ontario. They own and operate over 850 Metro, Metro Plus, Super C and Food Basics, Brunet, Brunet Plus, and Clini Plus.

    This card transaction security initiative is a representation of Desjardins and Metro, Ins.'s continuing commitment in protecting its customers' debit and credit card data. It further establishes the companies' position as a leader in the industry. Desjardins Group received the "Bank of the Year 2010 – Canada" awarded by The Banker and is the world's sixth largest financial group. The company is the largest association of credit unions in Canada. As a Canadian financial leader, Desjardins Group is more than a bank and offers a variety of financial products and services including insurance It is expected that the program will be rolled out to additional retailers within the next year.

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