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May 30, 2011

  • News:  Frustrated PA Drivers 

    Could it be a conspiracy to get generate more income in fines? That's what some Philadelphia drivers were beginning to think when the some of the Philadelphia Parking Authorities (PPA) parking lot kiosks weren't accepting credit card payment. Drivers have been complaining for some time now to the PPA that some of the parking kiosks have not been accepting credit card payment and because of it, the city has been issuing parking tickets. The drivers say that because the meter won't accept their credit card payment, they have no other means of paying the fee. Often times, running on a limited schedule, the driver has no choice but to leave with parking validation and returning to find a parking ticket with a hefty fine.

    Drivers parking in the Center City or University City parking lots discovered the meters would not accept their credit card payment. If they were loaded down with plenty of quarters or a PAA Smart Card to pay for parking, they were left stranded. It was either take a chance at getting a ticket or be late or miss an important appointment. The PPA has been receiving complaints from drivers for months, but did little or nothing to fix the problem until just recently. Meanwhile, the city continued to rack up hundreds of dollars in fines from innocent credit cardholders who weren't able to drop the coin in the meter.

    Last week, the PPA took steps to fix the situation and admitted that a problem exists and that they were taking steps to resolve the situation. The authority is working with engineers and experts to fix the problem and says it will take some time for them to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, drivers are being asked to carry plenty of coin or a Smart Card if they expect to use an authority parking kiosks in case their credit card is not accepted. There are over 1,000 parking kiosks installed throughout curbside parking that will provide cardholders with a parking receipt if needed. It really is not a conspiracy.

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